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Jamie Sadock is an action-oriented, international company --- a leader in its commitment to continuously improve the nature and intrinsic value of its offering and products in fashion collections for resort and sportswear.

Retailers benefit from having one of America’s most recognized and respected brand names in the resort fashion industry today. The collection is designed by artist Jamie Sadock so it’s full of life, lively colors, fun patterns, novel silhouettes, and energy.

Since the inception of the company in 1994, sales have skyrocketed annually due to staggering sell-through at retail. Jamie Sadock creates remarkably saleable, elegant, imaginative clothing with elan that are without peer. The runways of Europe, America and Asia... the world’s fashion meccas, are loaded with collections that touch on the connection between sport and fashion. Men and women have been combining their love of sports with a new direction in fashion and have been purchasing clothing that can be worn on and off the playing fields as well as the social fields.

Jamie has been the primary designer at the forefront of spearheading design for this lifestyle. Her collection epitomizes quality and innovation with her line of avant-garde and performance resort sportwear. She has always been highly respected within the fashion industry for her ability to create futuristic concepts using art, unusual colors and silhouettes, and impeccable combinations which have always enabled her designs to break through traditional parameters.

“Corrosion of Conformity” has become Jamie Sadock’s battle cry.

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